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Stainless steel storage tanks are used in industries such as food, chemical, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and many others where cleanliness and purity are needed. These tanks are widely used to store chemicals and gasses. Stainless steel tanks are highly resistant to chemical degradation; therefore, this material is a good choice. Read More…

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks Stainless steel storage tanks are those tanks designed specifically to securely hold liquids, gases and other substances temporarily or for long periods in a clean and sanitary method.
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Leading Manufacturers

Carol Stream, IL  |  630-629-9900

Here at Frain Industries, Inc. we offer an extensive line of stainless steel tanks. These tanks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes based on their application. Our tank sizes range from 5 gallons to 10,000 gallons and these tanks can be customized to meet your application needs.

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Frain Industries, Inc. $$$

Oak Lawn, IL  |  708-424-4170

For 50 years G & F Manufacturing has been a leading quality stainless steel tank manufacturer for many industries, including pharmaceutical, food & beverage. Their storage containers offer quality workmanship & durability.

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G & F Manufacturing Company, Inc. $$$

West Alexandria, OH  |  937-839-4604

Rexarc’s focus is on the fabrication of custom stainless and carbon steel pressure vessels. We welcome applications with pressures between 500 and 5,000 psi. After nearly 100-years of being in business, Rexarc has the knowledge, attitude, equipment, and processes to support your needs in vessel production and value add services of piping, instrumentation, paint, and other controls integration. Rexarc’s traditions of customization, communication, and commitment to on-time delivery of products has been passed down through four generations of family leadership. Our customers know that we were here yesterday, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow.

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Rexarc International $$$

Atwood, ON  |  800-347-2982

Smith Steel & Fabrication is a leading manufacturer of specialized mild and stainless steel silos for bulk storage applications. Our custom steel fabricated silos are built to meet our client's exact specifications. Each project is designed and engineered in-house and hand-welded by our fantastic team of CWB certified welders.

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Smith Steel & Fabrication $$$

Ridgeway, VA  |  877-959-2138

Since 1975, Smart Machine has been an innovative industry leader in designing and manufacturing stainless steel tanks. With many years of experience, we can efficiently serve our customers at competitive prices. Our main focus has always been to provide our customers with high-quality products with the exact specifications for their needs.

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Smart Machine Technologies, Inc. $$$

Oak Harbor, OH  |  419-898-2821

Northern Manufacturing offers a wide range of capabilities in quality services, including stainless steel tanks. Our main focus has always been to provide our customers with the exact specifications for their unique needs. Our tanks can be manufactured up to 14’ in diameter and up to 65’ long.

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Northern Manufacturing Co. $$$
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stainless steel tank

Stainless steel is a type of iron alloy that contains a certain percentage of chromium to give this material corrosion-resistant properties. Stainless steel storage tanks vary in shape and size depending on the amount of liquids or compressed gasses they have to store. The storage capacity of these tanks can range from few liters to thousands of gallons. The tanks that are used in industries have several inlets and outlets for easy mixing or blending of the products. The construction of stainless steel tanks can vary depending on the application these are used for.

Properties of Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel is an alloy of iron, and like most other types of steel, it is made of carbon and iron.
  • 10% chromium is mixed in to give corrosion resistance to this alloy.
  • Stainless steel is the most widely used material in many industries due to its desirable properties.
  • This material is highly durable and has high strength.
  • Stainless steel has increased formability, easy fabrication, and long-lasting material.
  • It has low and high temperature resistance and needs low maintenance.
  • Stainless steel is environmental friendly, with great recycled properties and an attractive appearance.
  • This material does not needed to be painted, coated or treated.

Grades of Stainless Steel in Tanks

Stainless steel has a wide range of grades, and each grade is known for its specific properties and performance. In storage tank fabrication, three grades of stainless steel are used. These are as follows:

Stainless steel 304 and 304L

This grade is made of 18-20% chromium, 8-11% nickel, and 2% manganese. It is the most commonly used grade because of its high corrosion resistance. It is also used in many applications because it is less expensive compared to other grades.

2000 gal tank processor made

Stainless steel 316 and 316L

This grade contains 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, 2-3% molybdenum, and 2% manganese. The addition of molybdenum makes it more resistant to corrosion; therefore, this material is used in tanks in highly corrosive environments.

Duplex stainless steel

Duplex stainless steel contains 20-28% chromium, 2-5% molybdenum, ad 5-8% nickel. It is a combination of austenitic and ferritic structures. It is highly resistant to corrosion and good for use in tanks that contain fluids such as chlorides.

Types of Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Stainless steel storage tanks can be customized according to their function. These can be single-walled or double-walled, horizontal or vertical, and insulated or heated.

Single-Walled Tanks

  • These are the simplest cylindrical stainless steel tank.
  • They can be placed vertically or horizontally depending on the application.
  • The single wall helps to prevent corrosion of these tanks.
  • These tanks are used to store water for domestic use and also in manufacturing plants with liquid raw materials.
single walled stainless steel tank

Double-Walled Tanks

  • Double-walled tanks are used in cases where spillage is a risk, such as oil spillage prevention.
  • One or both walls of these tanks are made of stainless steel, depending on where corrosion resistance is needed.
  • Some double-walled tanks have insulation between these walls.

Stainless Steel Clad Tanks

  • Large stainless steel tanks with thick walls are too expensive and impractical to use.
  • Therefore, this tank is constructed with carbon steel plates and a thin sheet of stainless steel cladding.
  • The carbon steel plates are subjected to static load, and the cladding is for corrosion prevention.
stainless steel cladding process

Jacketed Stainless Steel Tanks

  • Jacketed steel tanks are used in processes that require additional cooling or thermal stability.
  • The hot or cold air flows between the sheets of stainless steel plates.
  • Three types of jackets are available. These are conventional jacket, dimple jacket, and half-pipe coil jacket.
dimple jacketed stainless steel tank

Stainless Steel Process Tanks

  • This stainless steel tank is used in industrial plants for mixing, dissolving, or homogenizing the ingredients.
  • These tanks contain an agitator or mixing head.
  • Other instruments are installed in these tanks for controlling parameters such as temperature, pressure, etc.
stainless steel process tank

High-Pressure Tanks

  • Tanks used for domestic and commercial applications have low pressure to ensure the safety of workers.
  • Certain certifications are added to high-pressure stainless steel tanks.
high pressure stainless steel tank

Compressed Air Tanks

  • These tanks are used in industries with highly compressed air.
  • Stainless steel tanks are used as air receivers.
  • In these tanks, wet air is trapped and moisture is drained inside the vessel.
  • As air and moisture are present in this vessel, corrosion-resistant materials should be used in these tanks.

Applications of Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Stainless steel is a versatile material; therefore, it is used for a variety of applications. Some of the applications of stainless steel tanks are as follows:

  • Stainless steel tanks are used as cold storage. Certain materials are resistant to low temperatures; therefore, these tanks are the best to store such materials.
  • Many medical instruments and medicines are stored in stainless steel tanks.
  • Stainless steel tanks are also used to store food items.
  • These tanks are best suited for storage of certain reactive chemicals and other waste products.
  • Stainless steel tanks are used for outdoor storage such as with oils.

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Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks

Stainless steel tanks are widely used in food, beverage, dairy, medicine, cosmetics, and other manufacturing processes where cleanliness and purity are important. These are also used in industrial plants for storing chemicals and gases where strong resistance from chemical degradation is required...

Stainless Steel Grades

Stainless Steel Grades

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